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Wreck Diving

We love diving wrecks and Cornwall is has lots of wreck sites!  Come and find out what you are looking at and how to do it safely!  We have 3 courses on wreck diving to suit all tastes!

Wreck Appreciation gives you an overview of different types of wreck and starts to help you to understand how to find your way around a site from significant parts that remain over time.

Wreck Diver is the start of a suite of technical courses that help you on the way with new techniques.  The advanced you learn on this course form the basis for future wreck penetration.  The first level course teaches you about lines, signalling methods and uses a team based approach to wreck diving with safety of you and the team always at the forefront.

Advanced Wreck Diver will be launched soon and this course builds on the first level course and over a further 4 days takes you into overhead environments as they apply to wrecks where silt and unstable structures are hazards to avoid.  Again, lots more techniques to learn in a gradual build up of your skills

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