Cylinder Testing

Don't take short cuts with your safety!

Seaways is registered with and inspected by, the Inspectorate for Diving Equipment Servicing and Testing (IDEST)

Test Equipment is calibrated on a regular basis

We have two  registered Cylinder Testers who have been independently  inspected and the quality of their work has been approved by SITA / IDEST

In addition to our own work, we test cylinders for a number of  recreational diving operations in Cornwall, professional diving contractors, the MOD, Fire Services, Dive Clubs  and ships visiting Falmouth docks.

We test air quality on a regular basis for a large number of customers in Cornwall.

It is recommended that you have your cylinder visually tested every two and a half years and Hydrolically tested every 5 years, additionally if you have a nitrox cylinder it will need O2 cleaned every 15 months.

Here at Seaways we offer the full range of cylinder testing:

Hydro Test

Visual Test

Oxygen Clean

Grit Blast


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