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Sports diver course

Already an Ocean Diver?  

Perhaps you are an Open Water or Advanced Open Water Diver with a different agency?  


This is the course for you and we will need around 5 days of your time! Qualification has a maximum depth limit of 35 metres and you will learn more about decompression, rescue skills including basic life support and extend your ability to use Nitrox as a diving and decompression gas.     Minimum entry level is BSAC Ocean Diver or equivalent and you need to be a member of the BSAC (which we can arrange!)

Want to get started straight away?  We can sort the Theory lessons online for you!  Just call!

Your course contains the following:

  • Theory Lessons on rescue, equipment, decompression and other subjects

  • Sheltered Water Rescue Lessons

  • Rescue Exercises from Depth

  • Surface Rescue tows, de-kit and landing

  • Rescue Breaths & Basic Life Support

  • Decompression Tables including altitude dive tables

  • Deeper Diving Techniques

  • Nitrox to Extend Dive Time

  • Assistant Dive Supervision

  • Bailout Options for Deeper Diving

  • Effects of Current & Tides

  • Dive & Gas Planning

  • Depth rating extended  to 35 metres post course.

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