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Skill Development courses

Wreck Appreciation

This course can be taken by Ocean Divers and covers subjects such as getting information on wrecks, drawing and recording basic maps of wreck sites and safely diving wrecks.  You also get to dive some wrecks!

Wreck Diver

This is a new course from the BSAC and is the foundation level for wreck diving. Start level is Sports Diver or equivalent.  It covers all the skills you need to safely dive wrecks including navigation, lines & reels, signals, dangers such as silty conditions and entrapment and all the theory and practical skill sessions you will need.  This course is for non overhead  / non penetration environment but is the basis for the Advanced Wreck Diver course which will be announced in 2018.  Wreck Diver  takes 2 days and you get to dive wrecks!

Marine Life Awareness

This course is mainly looking at UK waters and is not a marine life ID course.  It covers the following subjects to help divers become more aware of their surroundings and impact.  Diversity of Marine Life, Main Groupings of Marine Creatures, Basic Science that governs the Living Sea, Current and Forecast Human Impact on the Sea, How to get More Involved. Our own Marine Biologist will be your course leade

Search and Recovery

This course is for Sports Divers and covers the correct techniques involved in search methods and the safe recovery techniques. It gives the theory behind lifting objects immersed in water and the practical experience in underwater search methods coupled with  the use of lifting techniques to raise various objects

Compressor Operation

How do compressors work?  What maintenance do they need?  How clean should the air be?  How do I safely fill cylinders?  Answers to all these questions and more while you learn how to operate a diving air compressor on this highly practical course (with a bit of theory)

Mixed Gas Blender

The gas blender course covers the mixing and preparation of different gas mixes used in diving, such as Nitrox, Trimix and Heliox - in fact it is what you need if you are involved in preparing gas mixes for diving. You also need the certificate if you want to buy the gases from any of the major gas supply companies.  The course covers theory, practical mixing and gas analysing.

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