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Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) MOD 1
Air (40m) or Trimix diluent (45m)?

Using the APD Inspiration XPD, Evo or Evo-Plus  CCRs, the course covers all the theory, sheltered water exercises, practical workshops and dives needed to dive this unit safely. The new MOD 1 course from the BSAC offers you two options.  The air diluent course is about a day shorter and qualifies you to use air as a diluent gas to a maximum depth of 40 metres.  The longer Trimix diluent course has you doing an extra 2 dives using normoxic mixes up to 20/30 with a maximum depth of 45 metres.

Starting to dive a rebreather is almost like starting again but with a difference.  Some skills are similar, but there are some new ones to learn. After the course we recommend a regime of build up dives to enhance and embed the new skills learned on the course

In return for your hard work, you gain extended dive times, less decompression, silent bubble free diving, getting closer to marine life and the positive effects of breathing a warm, moist gas.

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