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Changing to BSAC

Belonging to the British Sub Aqua Club is something you can do to add to your diving experience.  You don't need to give up your existing agency, but belonging to the largest dive club in the world can broaden your diving horizons and bring you new experiences and friends.  There's a BSAC club near you and they probably have a regular dive program and their own boat!

How do I  start?

Just contact Seaways on 01326  375544 and we will give you some free advice and help you get going.

What's different?

We use a club based approach to training and the first thing you will probably notice is that we use a maximum of 2 students to 1 instructor as our in water ratio.  You will also notice that our divers can use nitrox right from the first grade and that from the second grade onwards, we teach decompression stop diving for your added safety.  Another difference to many other agencies is that we teach rescue at every stage of your development rather than putting it all into onw course.  We believe that whaever your grade, you should be able to rescue your buddy.

Give is a try, you don't have to give up your exisiting qualifications, you just add to them!  Drop in for chat and find out about the largest dive club in the world!


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