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Accelerated Decompression Procedures (ADP)

The accelerated decompression course gets you started on your journey into 'technical' diving. You need to be Sports diver grade (or equivalent) and have gold standard buoyancy.  Using specially prepared tables, the course will concentrate on the use of 50% and 80%  nitrox mixes to shorten in water decompression and include the practical skills and theory needed to carry this out safely.  The depth range depends on your present qualifications.

Even if you want to stay within the normal recreational maximum depth range of 30 - 40 metres, this course will teach you many skills which will improve your diving safety, including decompression theory, good dive and decompression practice, an understanding of how to add safety to your diving profile and of course, how to accelerate your decompression  to get out of the water quicker (in safety).

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