The Manacles



Harbour: Falmouth, Mylor, Porthkerris, Porthoustcok

Max depth: 50m


Lying just off the eat coast of the Lizard Peninsula are the Manacle Rocks, having sunk dozens of ships throughout its time and taken the lives of hundreds of seamen its safe to say they are a dangerous cresent of rocks, however they do provide for a number of good dives. 

Jewel Anemones
Jewel Anemone
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SS Mohegan

Latitude: 50°02'72"N

Longitude: 005°02'60"W

Max depth: 26m

Whilst the Mohegan is best dived at slack tide it is possible to dive it through a flood tide during a good neap. It is probably one of the most well known and most dived wrecks within the manacles, using an echo sounder you can easily locate and drop a shot line directly on the boilers. Whilst the boat is largely broken up and flattened navigation from the boilers is made easy through the metal girders. A 7000 tonne ship there is plenty of wreckage spread out over an extremely large area, to cover the entire wreck would certainly take more than one dive.

Vase Rock

Latitude: 50°02'52"N

Longitude: 005°02'15"W

Max depth: 40m


The rock that sunk the Mohegan, Vase rock is a sumberged rock that stands 35 meteres from teh seabed lying 5m below the surface at low water.. Covered from head to toe in beautiful Jewel Anemones it is a perfect dive location for underwater photographers, grab your macro lenses and go searching for those little marine creatures.


Latitude: 50°02'45"N

Longitude: 005°02'38.7"W

Max depth: 40m

Raglans Reef is another rock formation that lies waiting beneath the surface of the water. Its position to the east of the peninsula opens it up to strong winds and tides so as with most of the manacles dives it is best dived at slack water. Also covered in Jewel anemones the reef lights up like a rainbow with its pinks, oranges and greens mix this with the Plumrose and Dahila Anemones, Raglans Reef is thought to be one of the prettiest in the UK.

Pen Wyn

Latitude: 50°02'52"N

Longitude: 005°02'15"W

Max depth: 50m

Siting next to Vase Rock, Pen Wyn is described as an underwater garden due to its amazing corals and anemones. It is actually possible (with good navigation) to visit both Vase and Pen Wyn within the same dive.

Spyridion Vagliano

Latitude: 50°02'75"N

Longitude: 005°02'06"W

Max depth: 15m

Just a short dive from the bow of the Mohegan the Spyridion Vagliano is a shallow wreck, mostly flat and covered in kelp it is a good dive for newly qualified divers or those wanting to experience their first wreck.

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