Seamanship Courses

Boat Handling (Combined Diving Agencies)

This two day course takes you through the theory and practical elements of the combined diving agencies boat handling course, approved by the MCA. Learn the basics of trip planning and handling a rigid hull inflatable (RIB) in the waters of the Fal estuary.  Maximum 3 students per boat. This course consists of a half day in the classroom followed by one and a half days on the water learning how to handle a fast RIB.

Diver Cox Assessment

This practical examination is open to anyone who has taken the Boat Handling course and has had sufficient practise.  The assessment looks at your trip planning ability, theory knowledge, boat handling skills, emergency actions  and position fixing using transits in addition to your ability to put divers into the water and get them out safely.  Successful candidates also receive their International Certificate of Competence (power) for pleasure craft up to 10 metres in length.

Chartwork and Position Fixing

Want to learn how to find other dive sites?  Fed up with being taken to the same old sites?  This 2 day course teaches the basics of chartwork and then lets you have a go at finding real sites.  We spend a day in the classroom planning routes and sites and then go out to locate the positions! You get to plan the routes and then carry them out in search of real dive sites!

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