Safety and Rescue Management    

Oxygen Administration   

One day course concentrating on the practical skills of basic life support and oxygen administration as a diving first aid tool.  Lots of hands on experience. A course for all divers and boat handlers.

First Aid for Divers

Would you know what to do if there is an accident on the dive boat?  What bits of diving kit could we use to help stabilise the casualty? This course gives you the basics.

Lifesaver Award

This is a pool based exam with a dry practical exam afterwards.  If you are ready, take the exam - if not, we can help you prepare first! An ideal course for clubs to run during the winter months.  In the practical session, swimming rescue, snorkelling rescue and diving rescue techniques are examined, together with the basics of throwing lines and floats. Basic life support techniques in the water and on land.

Advanced Lifesaver

This course and assessment covers personal rescue skills in diving situations, from underwater rescues to recovering casualties into boats.  The Lifesaver award is a prerequisite for this SDC.

Practical Rescue Management

An essential part of the Dive Leader grade, this course covers the management of rescue scenarios and includes a high level of practical elements where you get to the Rescue Manager! We involve local dive boats in the practical sessions to make the scenarios as realistic as possible.

In water Rescue Course