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Many divers want to take underwater photographs to record their diving experiences. Despite buying expensive underwater cameras,   disappointing photographs of precious diving holidays are often all the diver returns with. Lot’s of divers find modern cameras overly complicated and photography jargon intimidating and feel outside their comfort zone. Many people also learn much more easily by seeing and doing than from books or magazine articles.


As an official Inon dealer Seaways are able to advise you about camera equipment and teach you how to use your new camera. Come and talk to our in house underwater photographer and get the best advice!

INON UK Level One Underwater Photography

The INON UK Level One Underwater Photography Course is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills and experience to prepare you to take consistently great underwater photographs. It is an entry level underwater photography course. Undoubtedly the INON UK course is the most comprehensive beginners course available and the is only one approved by a leading underwater camera equipment manufacturer.

The INON UK Level One underwater photography course covers both academics and practical skills divided in to 6 topics, with presentations and in water exercises for each.

Session 1 - Light is the basis for all photography.    


You will learn how light is disrupted by water and how reflection, absorption, scatter and diffusion all conspire to create lacklustre underwater photographs. You’ll understand why what your eyes see underwater is very different to what your camera records. This presentation helps set the scene for understanding how to overcome these problems and routinely take sharp and vibrant underwater photographs time after time.

Session 2 – Learning about your compact camera


This session explains the way your camera works and which features you need to understand and take control of, such as shutter speed and aperture. You’ll also start learning about camera lenses in more detail.

Session 3 – How to enhance colours with natural light


This session explains different methods for creating colourful images when shooting by sunlight. You’ll compare the different results that can be achieved using underwater modes, auto and manual white balance settings and the effect of adding special underwater filters. This information will help you select the best option for each situation.

Session 4  – The correct use of introduced light


Underwater flash units or strobes are essential tools for most underwater photographers. They are used to restore colour, light up dark areas inside wrecks and under over hangs and to fill in shadows. This presentation provides must have information about strobes including how to position your strobe to evenly light your images and how to avoid backscatter in your photographs.

Session 5 – Expanding the capabilities of your camera


Underwater photography is much more equipment dependent than land photography. The conditions under which underwater photographers must work mean that compact cameras built in lenses are very limiting. For most subjects additional lenses need to be used. This presentation explains the limitations of compact camera lenses and explains how accessory super wide – angle, wide – angle and close up lenses will enable you to successfully portray subjects from tiny nudibranchs to imposing shipwrecks.

Session 6 – Composing the image

Successful underwater photographers rely on tried and tested techniques to make underwater pictures with impact. This presentation shares the top compositional ideas photographers rely on and a few of the insider tips that will make diving to take underwater pictures more productive for you. INON UK’s accredited underwater photography instructors have lots of their own images and experience to draw on for this discussion.

Throughout your INON UK Level One underwater photography course your instructor will review your images and discuss your progress with you. This feedback and guidance from an experienced underwater photography mentor ensures you are mastering the information and skills presented on your INON UK underwater photography course.

Illuminating Your Images
Colour Enhancement
Using Different Lenses
Sunlight and Reflections
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BSAC Photographic Workshop

The course has a half day of theory, an underwater practical session of around 3 hours and a review session which can run late into the evening, or be run on a second day depending on the time availability of students. Completion of this course will count towards the INON underwater photography award.

Theory Sessions 


Camera Fundamentals


Camera Functions

Shooting Techniques

Photography Underwater

Practical - Sheltered Water Session

Downloading Results

Review Session

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