Pendennis (Silver Steps)


Latitude: 50°08'47.6"N
Longitude: 005°03'05.4"W

Parking: Yes
Toilets: No
Changing Facilities: No

Max depth: 10 meters


Pendennis Point separates Falmouth harbour from the sea. ‘The Silver Steps’ as it is commonly called. It is the second most popular shore dive after Porthkerris. At a maximum depth of 10m on the highest spring tide it is ideal for training, or for testing out new kit,. With enough life and metal to keep most divers interested, if you swim far enough offshore you’ll even find the odd scallop. At low tide there isn’t a lot of water. In fact, on a low spring tide part of one of the submarines, possibly UB-86, breaks the surface.

Spiny Squat Lobster
Spiny Starfish
Leaches Spider Crab
Leaches Spider Crab
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