Latitude: 50°07'22.9"N
longitude: 005°28'53.4"W

Parking: Yes
Toilets: Yes
Changing Facilities: No

​Max Depth 20m


Lamorna harbor is perfect for shore dives, however as it is a harbor there may be boats around so care should be taken when diving, a SMB would be advised. You enter into the water using the slip way so you have a nice gradual descent into the water and it is easy to climb back up again after the dive when your kit is feeling its heaviest. Once your down the slipway and into the water you now have two choices, you can swim to the left and along the rocks on this side, here you can get a reasonable depth however you will need to swim across to it which can be a fairly long surface swim. If you choose to hug the rocks to your right, you can swim around the harbur walls and follow the rocks around keeping an eye out in the kelp and seaweed for any exciting marine life.

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