Free Diving - Snorkelling


Thinking of a Free Diving Course?  Come to Seaways and learn to dive in safety.  Learn the techniques of snorkel diving; how to get closer to fish, how to make sure that you are safe at all times. This is a fun activity which can be experienced by the whole family. It starts in sheltered water and progresses to the open sea - check out the fantastic sea life that Cornwall has to offer!  All equipment and safety jackets supplied. 

BSAC Experience Free Diving  

This short course shows you just how much fun it is to snorkel dive! All equipment supplied and certificate issued on completion.

BSAC Dolphin Snorkeller - Your First Free Diving Course

This is a fun course primarily aimed at the younger snorkel diver. Progress through various practical skills earning stickers for your Dolphin logbook and become a Dolphin Snorkel Diver on completion.

BSAC Snorkel Diver - A Complete Free Diving Course

This is the full Snorkel Diver Course and involves theory lessons as well as practical lessons to complete the BSAC Snorkel Diver Award.

Free Diving