East Narrows


Latitude: 50°09'22.7"N
Longitude: 005°01'51.1"W

Harbour: Falmouth, Mylor

Max depth: 36m


Located in the Fal Estuary he Narrows start off at 8m and gradually drop down to the wall at  40m making it the perfect dive for divers of any qualification. For anyone that likes the little things, the shallow areas are covered in Mearl (calcified red seaweed) that play home to many a decorator crab, spider crab, hermit crab, anemones, tube worms and nudibranchs. As you get deeper the larger creatures such as thorn-back rays, octopus and dog fish are all incredibly common. Unless you are particularly wanting a fast moving drift dive it is best to wait until slack tide in order to avoid the fast currents moving through the estuary.


Red Gurnard
Hermit Crab
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