Dive Leader

This qualification has a maximum depth limit of 50 metres and, as you would expect, we look at suitable equipment, Oxygen Administration and personal rescue skills, along with the extended diving range, Dive Planning & Management and Practical Rescue Management  skills needed for the grade.  The qualification is internationally recognised and accepted as EN 14153-3/ISO 24801-3 - 'Dive Leader'.    Minimum entry level is BSAC Sports Diver or equivalent, so if you are a Rescue Diver  from another  agency, you  can take part in this course.

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Online Theory lessons  with one of our instructors!

Our course covers all the theory, assessed work and instructor led dives:

  • Equipment for Deeper Diving

  • Oxygen Administration

  • Practical Rescue Management

  • Planning for larger groups of divers

  • Dive Supervision and organisation

  • Decompression Diving

  • Depth extended to 50 metres max post qualification

  • Diving in a variety of conditions, depths and sites

  • All assessed dives, dry practical sessions and theory examination

  • In addition to the course, there are other dives you need to complete in a range of conditions to build your experience. Phone us and ask or more details.

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