Diving with the British Sub Aqua Club
  • Formed in 1953, BSAC qualifications are recognised all over the world. 

  • National Governing Body for the sport in the UK

  • Safety standards are second to none

  • Diver training is designed for UK and northern water conditions

  • Learn with the Seaways in the Cornwall and you will be comfortable diving anywhere in the world.

Trained with another agency?  Why not cross over to BSAC?
  • BSAC welcomes pre-trained divers

  • Crossover at Seaways

  • We will introduce you to local dive BSAC dive clubs! 

  • Go diving with friends almost every weekend at a fraction of the cost! 

  • Most local clubs have their own RIBs and meet on a regular basis.

  • Get credit for your present training

  • There's a BSAC branch near you